Toddler I's

These children are the youngest in the center. A major portion of their day is spent hugging and cuddling with the teacher. Experienced teachers are there to provide a loving, nurturing environment so parents can concentrate on their jobs while knowing the children are in a developmentally safe and caring preschool. Activities are designed to help the children discover more about themselves as well as their friends. A variety of active and quiet play is intertwined throughout the day to provide the appropriate amount of stimulation for promoting healthy growth emotionally and physically.

Toddler II's
  This class is learning to sprout their wings. The basic building blocks of society are taught in this class. The children are learning the concept of sharing as well as the fact they are separate and special beings. A big emphasis is placed on developing fine motor skills, gross motor skills, self-help skills, and speech patterns through weekly themed lessons. Just like the Toddler I's, this class provides security for the children through daily love from the experienced teachers.
  While the two younger classes learn about God’s love, this class seeks to understand the treasure within themselves through God’s love. This class is where curriculum-based learning begins. The Two's receive a glance of the skills necessary to go to kindergarten. Although they have three years before entering school, we feel it is important to incorporate structure, counting, alphabet, and cognition in the daily routine. To assist us with this, we use the A Beka Christian curriculum.
  In this class, the teacher is planting and harvesting seeds for the Lord. God is the main emphasis in all that is done. While the harvest may be low, the seeds are being planted for a fruitful harvest in the future. The Threes class is one of transition between the Two's and the Pre-k. While the Threes are older and developmentally more mature than the class below them, they are somewhat behind the class ahead of them. These children have two years prior to the elementary days. Attention is placed on each child as a developing, maturing person. Great detail is placed on fostering a child’s independence and increasing self-esteem while teaching them respect and kindness toward others. The A Beka Christian curriculum is also used in this class. Children learn identity and basic forms of letters, a plethora of songs, habits, manners, and basic phonics blends.

These children are the oldest in the center. They lead the children in knowledge, age, and social maturity. These children shepherd and set the example for all other classes in the center. Imagine a class in which cooperation is valued more highly than competition; where the teacher promotes healthy self-concepts and respect for one another’s differences. This is a classroom where all children are taught both self-responsibility and social conscience. Daily lessons are challenging and rewarding to both teacher and child. Children will learn the basic skills needed to be successful in kindergarten developmentally and emotionally using the A Beka Christian curriculum taught by experienced child development specialists.

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